Wednesday, May 21, 2014

HIS BACK !!!!!!!!

Guess what! My brother Michelangelo has started to write on his blog again!
Isn't it great? I hope I can get Einstein to start as well.
  To get Michelangelo to start I decided to help him make his blog look nice, and hope that it would inspire him to write, and it did!!
So here's his blog Gimli I hope you look at his blog please give him a try I hope he doesn't disappoint you.
(I'll keep him in line)
  So I'll try the same technique on Einstein and it might work. : D
Felling pretty good about myself right now. : D    


Vellvin said...

I just noticed! :) Good work! ;)

princesswithbrains said...

Thank you, I try. :)

Anonymous said...

You are a very inspirational person to get that boy writing again. Well done.

I am enjoying Red Roses' Blog too, thanks for helping her out.

Goodluck with the other slacker.


princesswithbrains said...

Thanks Dad, I'll try but his so busy I might not be able to. :D