Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Life Of A Princess

Mum has been gone for two weeks and came back last Saturday. : D
We missed her dearly but Dad and Einstein keep us safe and happy, Grandma also came up to help us.

School continues and surprisingly enough I am going very well and even when Mum was gone I went excellent, and if Mum tells you other wise don't believe her.

I have finely started understanding my math and hope I can catch up to my grade.

Carpenter had his birthday on Monday just after Mothers day. : )

We have been building a lot of K'nex lately ( Most of it in school ) it has been great.
  I did a big clean up of them  because we have not played with them in so long it had gotten out of hand so I got some sandwich bags and sorted it all out. I just need to find out how to keep it that way. : )

 I have been going to ballet since last term and I hope I have found my special talent.


Erin said...

I missed you dearly too!{{}} So pleased you are beginning to understand maths and very happy you are working so hard on it:) Love seeing you all play K'nex together.

Anonymous said...

Its good to see you enjoying your ballet, makes the effort more worth while.

Do you have special exercises to do between classes? I haven't seen you do any (other than jumping and leaping all over the place!)


princesswithbrains said...
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princesswithbrains said...

Yes I am really enjoying ballet, and
am happy to be doing something, no I do not get a lot of "homework"