Monday, August 22, 2016

The Lunar Chronicles

I read 'The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer' awhile ago, but I was reminded of them when Mum saw them on the internet and said they had great reviews, I told her I had already read them but that I had enjoyed them. So she asked me about them and I thought that I should do a post.
So I'm going to try and write this without too many spoilers, I'll probable just write things that are on the back covers.

So the first one's called Cinder and you probably guessed that its a takeoff of 'Cinderella'. Its set in Japan and it's about a cyborg mechanic who stepmother and step sister are mean to her, one day the prince walks up to her spare parts stall and asks for help with his broken robot, she of course agrees and they form a friendship. A lot of other things happen in the book but I don't want to give anything away, so I suggest you read it for yourself.

The second book is called Scarlet and its a takeoff of 'little red riding
hood'. That is if little red riding hood carried a gun. So I really quite enjoyed this one as well, I can't give much away, but I will say this: Scarlet's grandmother goes mysteriously missing so she sets out to find her, she takes along with her a mysterious street fighter called 'Wolf''.

The third one is a Rapunzel retelling and is called Cress in this one a girl has been trapped in a satellite since she was about seven, her evil mistress uses her to hack into things and find out information about things down on earth. She manages to get a message out and help is on it's way. But everything doesn't go according to plan.

The fourth book is a retake on 'Snow White' and is called Winter this one is about a princess named Winter who lives on the moon and has magical abilities, but she doesn't want to use those powers because she doesn't wish to hurt anyone. So she keeps them bottled up inside and that makes her go a little crazy. She gets help from her friend and guard and he helps her not to lose it all together.

There are also extra books about certain characters in the series but I didn't read them. I only knew about the one and it was a bio of the evil queen, making her sound more human, but I didn't want to give myself any reason to feel sorry for her so I didn't read it.

Its number 3.5 and I'm just going to copy the back cover to tell you about it.
Who is the fairest of them all?
Fans of the Lunar Chronicles know Queen Levana as a ruler who uses her "glamour" to gain power. But long before she crossed paths with Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress, Levana lived a very different story—a story that has never been told . . . until now.
Marissa Meyer spins yet another unforgettable tale about love and war, deceit and death. This extraordinary book includes full-color art and an excerpt from winter, the next book in the Lunar Chronicles series.

Then there are some other shorts telling about other characters and their beginnings, I have never read any of these and I didn't know they existed so I'm not going to put any reviews on these, partly because I haven't read them and partly because and reviews that I could copy would give things away. So I'm just going to put the names here.

The Little Android
The Queen’s Army
Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky
The Keeper
After Sunshine Passes By
The Princess and the Guard
The Mechanic
Something Old, Something New

I strongly suggest The Lunar Chronicles to those who love fairy tales, sci-fi and romance. As every one of these books are romance. I really enjoyed them and I think you will too.

Monday, July 4, 2016

New Series

I have just finished a series by Melanie Dickerson. I really enjoyed these books, as they were fairy tale retellings and I love fairy tales.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Stories By A Princess

This one was an interesting and fun one. But I won't tell you what the challenge was until after you read it. NO SKIPPING TO THE END!!!

On my way to grandpa Pepper's place I wondered what he was going to give me, well I assumed he was going to give me something, as it was my birthday and he always gave me something on my birthday. Now today I was turning 13 and honestly I'm pretty excited, like it's not everyday you make it to your teenage years, right?
When I got to grandpa's house I was considerably interested as to what the present might be. Grandpa imminently set my mind to rest, for upon arrival he showed me to a large box and told me to open it, it was easy to see that he was excited, so I went up to it and pulled the card off, I opened the card and read it; it said: My dearest Katy, (I know I usually start my cards by calling you a young whippersnapper, but since you are turning 13, I decided I would show you the proper respect) Happy Birthday! Now I just wanted to caution you to be careful and not to take any risks, but you probably want to know what's inside the box, so I'll let you open it, enjoy!
Love you forever, Grandpa. XOXO 
" Thanks Grandpa" I said and gave him a hug, then I turned and opened the box. Inside was a beautiful ten speed bike! The latest model, "oh Grandpa," I said, " its beautiful!" "Thought you'd like it." he said smiling, "I do, I do, its the most beautiful bike I've ever seen!" I gave him another hug and then turned back to my bike, "can I take it for a ride?" I asked, "nothing would make me happier." he answered, and so quick as I could, I had the bike out the door down the steps and onto the pavement, I climbed onto it almost reverently, but once on, I was speeding up and down the street; laughing with glee. I could tell Grandpa was pleased that I liked it so much.
When I went home I was still smiling, I had always wanted a bike like this.
I was not one of those girly girls, who wanted makeup for their birthdays and believed in faerie land, no I was more of a Tomboy, into books about the arising of evil and of spies with guts, who got chloroformed when they found out to much. So you can imagine that I was very happy with my new bike.
I showed Mum my new bike and she looked very impressed, but then she shook her head and said "he should have gotten me to buy it, he knows I get a personal discount at the store." "Pooh" I said "you know he never would have agreed, he's to proud" "I guess your right" she said.

Good right?
So the challenge was that I had to open random pages of the dictionary and drop my finger on 10 random words. The words I picked are:

  • Arisings 
  • Box 
  • Chloroform
  • Discount
  • Personal
  • Whippersnapper
  • Guts
  • Faerie
  • Nothing
  • Pooh

Try find them in the story.

Stories By a Princess

For this one I opened the phone book to a random page, closed my eyes and dropped my finger down. I then wrote a story about that person. Not that I knew the person but I wrote a story using the name and occupation of that person.

Funniest thing happened today: I was with my good friend Dr. Peter Brannan, just chatting about the weather and such things, when his phone rang, (not an unusual occurrence, after all he was the only doctor in a small town) It was Mrs. Hoffenfafer, who lived on the outskirts of town, anyhow she was frantic and screaming about someone falling from a tree and breaking all their bones (or something like that) So Dr. Brannan grabbed his bag and rushed out the door, I decided to go along in case he needed help. On the way, I asked him who had fallen, he said he didn't know, but going off the fact that Mrs. Hoffenfafer had seven high spirited kids, he wasn't surprised that one of them had injured themselves.
When we arrived, we hurried to a frantic looking Mrs. Hoffenfafer, when she saw the Dr. she gave a cry of relief, "thank goodness your here Dr. he's worked himself into quite a state." 
We followed her into a messy backyard where she led us over to a dog lying on the ground yelping in pain. "here he is" she said "he fell out of that tree, from a very high branch and I fear he's broken something." "Mrs. Hoffenfafer, we do have a perfectly capable vet in town, why didn't you ring him?" asked Dr Brannan, "why, because your the family Dr." said Mrs. Hoffenfafer,as if it was so obvious, she was surprised we hadn't figured it out.
So Dr. Brannan fixed up the dog and told Mrs Hoffenfafer she really should call the vet, just to make sure that the dog was alright, we then left. And to this day I still don't know how the dog got in the tree.  

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Stories By A Princess

With this one I just had so much happiness flowing through me as I wrote. : D

It Feels Good...

  1. To jump into a cool clear pool on a sweltering hot day.
  2. To swing high on a swing with the wind blowing in your face.
  3. To jump high on the trampoline, come down and go right back up.
  4. To laugh so hard you sides ache.
  5. To finish a good book.
  6. To clean a messy room and see the difference.
  7. To be thanked for a job well done.
  8. To get to Friday an have all your school work finished. 
  9. To try and try and finally get it right. 
  10. To wake up, look out your window and see a beautiful day.

Stories By A Princess

Here's the next story. Now with this one I had to write about a invention that I thought was important.

Now today I thought I'd tell you about the telephone and how useful it has been to us since it's creation.
So to start with, back in the "olden days" when people didn't have telephones they had to go a long way just to talk to their family, but with the telephone we just need to punch in a few numbers and hey presto, instant family. 
The telephone also saves lives, like if it's a life and death situation you can call up the doctor and he will be there in a few minutes, but before the telephone you would have to drive or run to the doctor and then back again and in that time the patient could have died. :(
The telephone is also useful for businesses, like before you would have to go from shop to shop before you found what you  were looking for, but with the telephone, you can just call from your room until you find it. 
And if you want to chat to your friend you just have to call them up, instead of driving all the way to their house, which might be a long way away. 
And thus concludes the usefulness of the telephone... click, beep, beep, beep.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I thought I would show you some pictures that make me feel at peace.