Monday, June 20, 2016

Stories By a Princess

For this one I opened the phone book to a random page, closed my eyes and dropped my finger down. I then wrote a story about that person. Not that I knew the person but I wrote a story using the name and occupation of that person.

Funniest thing happened today: I was with my good friend Dr. Peter Brannan, just chatting about the weather and such things, when his phone rang, (not an unusual occurrence, after all he was the only doctor in a small town) It was Mrs. Hoffenfafer, who lived on the outskirts of town, anyhow she was frantic and screaming about someone falling from a tree and breaking all their bones (or something like that) So Dr. Brannan grabbed his bag and rushed out the door, I decided to go along in case he needed help. On the way, I asked him who had fallen, he said he didn't know, but going off the fact that Mrs. Hoffenfafer had seven high spirited kids, he wasn't surprised that one of them had injured themselves.
When we arrived, we hurried to a frantic looking Mrs. Hoffenfafer, when she saw the Dr. she gave a cry of relief, "thank goodness your here Dr. he's worked himself into quite a state." 
We followed her into a messy backyard where she led us over to a dog lying on the ground yelping in pain. "here he is" she said "he fell out of that tree, from a very high branch and I fear he's broken something." "Mrs. Hoffenfafer, we do have a perfectly capable vet in town, why didn't you ring him?" asked Dr Brannan, "why, because your the family Dr." said Mrs. Hoffenfafer,as if it was so obvious, she was surprised we hadn't figured it out.
So Dr. Brannan fixed up the dog and told Mrs Hoffenfafer she really should call the vet, just to make sure that the dog was alright, we then left. And to this day I still don't know how the dog got in the tree.  

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Erin said...

Great surprise ending :-)