Sunday, May 21, 2017


Hey everybody,
I know I haven't done a blog post in ages, but I decided I really need to do one, so I decided that I should do one on one of my favourite things: Dance.

I love dancing and singing, but I'm mainly going to be talking about dance in this post.

I started dancing three and a half years ago, age twelve. When I started out I hadn't done any dance before that. I had done some gymnastics for about two years, I think.
I believe that the gymnastics helped with my flexibility, but I still has a lot to learn.

So I started with ballet. Now as you probably know, ballet is a French dance, so all the positions have French names, now I have never studied French, so I had absolutely no idea what anything meant. So I pretty much just followed the other girls and tried to memorise the steps and names of things so that after a time, I knew what exercise my dance instructor was talking about and could do it almost independently.

The dance school I go to has a concert every year around Christmas time, and all the different ages get to do a dance and all the different styles, so over all, the concert goes for about 2 to 2 and a half hours and with all the younger children and having to be there hours early for hair and makeup and setting up, you can imagine that it's quite an experience, now my first year, I was so nervous I was so worried I was going to screw some thing up, I had trouble breathing sometimes to be honest.

So for my first concert, because I was only doing ballet, I was only in one dance, but that dance was the opening pantomime, it went for about 45 minutes. And it included all the ballet classes, the older and younger children combined, in a pantomime of Frozen, the movie.

I enjoyed myself immensely.

I returned to dance the next year, adding on 'jazz' and 'tap' as additional dances.
For the concert that year we did The Cat and The Hat from the movie.
So, as well as doing the ballet pantomime, I also did a jazz and tap dance with my age group.

I had a blast.

I did dance again the next year, (which was last year). this time instead of doing a pantomime, my dance school changed it to every age group doing their own ballet performance.

So that year I did: ballet, jazz and tap, again.

This year I'm doing 'jazz', 'tap' and 'musical theatre' but due to a limited budget I'm unable to do ballet. :(
Musical theatre has just been added this year and I'm having sooo much fun! Like I said at the beginning of this post I love to sing and dance, what I didn't say was that I also act. So 'musical theatre' being all three is like a dream come true.
I also think I've noticed, that with musical theatre, I have a bit more confidence and I think I'm more out going, I think it helps me be more talkative to the other girls, because although I've been dancing there for three years now, I only see the girls there at dance and when we're dancing we don't talk, so I think with musical theatre we just talk a little more and I think it also brings out the confidence in us, because we're acting.

I just wanted to add, while I'm on the subject of acting, I have been in three plays, two of which were homeschooling plays, meaning that they were organised by the home schooling group of the town where, I live, and acted out by home schooled kids.
One was kind of about 'The Little Gingerbread Man' and was called; 'The Little Gingerbread Girl'.

The other was 'Shakespeare's' play, 'A Midsummer night's Dream'. It was a bit more professional.

The one that I did that was not a homeschooling play, was done by the town's theatre, and was a comedy of 'Eurovision'  called ' Eurobeat'. It was great fun. 

So that's the end of my post, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy dancing. :D


Gail said...

Hello Princess,

Your blog post is very interesting and I am very pleased to read about the creative gifts you have been given from God. I hope you continue to nurture them. Good luck.

Erin said...

Memory lane indeed! And haven't you progressed so fast in such a short time really. Makes Dad and I very happy to see you enjoy and be passionate about dancing, drama and singing. Lots of love, Mum xx