Saturday, March 15, 2014

Writing Assignment

This week I had to keep the plot line of  The country mouse and the town mouse and change the characters and settings.So mine went like this:

One day twitte bird decided to visit her cousin groundhog. Groundhog lived in a hole under the tree in which twitte bird lived. So twitte bird did not have to travel far. Twitte bird pecked on the root and called Hoggey you home? A few seconds later the root was pushed aside and Hoggey's head appeared, why hello T.B. Fancy seeing you way down here. I came to pay you a visit said T.B, we live so close to each other but we never visit so I decided I would come. How very thoughtful of you replied Hoggey, come on in. So T.B stepped daintily into the dark hole careful to keep away from the dirty walls, just then Hoggey closed the root making it very dark indeed, T.B screeched what happened to the light? Oh I just closed the root is some thing wrong? Yes something is wrong I can't see a thing panicked T.B, open the root let me out of here! So Hoggey let T.B out. T.B calmed down, I'm sorry but your hole is too dark for me. why don't you come and visit me in my nest? OK said Hoggey I won't be a minute, so T.B flew up and a little bit later Hoggey came crawling over the edge, why hello Hoggey. How did you go getting up? oh fine I just dug my claws in and here I am. Fine just fine replied T.B, why don't you take a look at the view? So Hoggey peered over the edge and shouted yikes get me down from here!! And with that he scurried down the trunk. T.B flew down after him, whats wrong? she asked. I guess I don't like heights replied Hoggey. So now they don't visit, just a friendly hello now and then.

So what do you think?
   Next Mum had a bunch of cards that had ideas for us to write about. Mine was to write a short oem about grasshoppers.

Hippity hoppity hip hip hop 
When a grasshopper sings his leg goes pop 
He hops and hops and doesn't stop 
Grasshopper, grasshopper hippity hop

Dad and mum loved it. :) So I hope you did too. :)


Erin said...

Your story was very entertaining:) and your poem was fantastic, you'd never know it was your first poem ever! Well done.

princesswithbrains said...

thanks mum!

Anonymous said...

Great start to a creative future in writing. The poem was particularly refreshing.

Olivia said...

Very imaginative twist on the original story.
The poem is also fantastic. My son is in yr 6 and he is writing a lot of poems lately too.
Well done Princess. (I call my daughter princess too, sometimes just Prin) x

Anna Maria said...


I loved the story and the poem. If I didn't know better I'd say you got the poem out of a book. You could always give it to Jem to memorize for poetry night.