Monday, April 7, 2014

Writing Assignment

Two weeks ago we had to write a outline of The Farmer's Daughter, this is what I wrote: 
  One day a farmer's daughter was walking to town with a pail of milk on her head and she was thinking of all the things she would buy, with the money she would get from the sale of her product. I will buy eggs she thought and they will hatch and I will sell the Chickens and buy a pretty dress and ribbons, to wear to the fair and all the men will want to dance with me, but I will just toss my head as if I don't care and with that she tossed her head and the milk fell down with her dreams in it.

The morel of the story is don't count your chickens before they hatch.

Then we picked a little card with a story starter on it mine was:
  Are older people more clever then younger people? 
Give reasons for your answer.

This is what I wrote:
Older people are more intelligent then younger people because they have been around for longer and have more knowledge about things, like the best banks to go to, the best cars to get and they have more ideas for how to treat children and other things. 

I hope you liked to read what I write and I'd love to read what you Write, please comment. :)  

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Erin said...

Should never have tossed her head.
Whilst older people often have more wisdom, not all. And older people can still learn from younger people