Friday, March 14, 2014

The Life Of A Princess

Did well with my lessons this week, had some trouble achieving all my reading. I have a large amount and it's in different subjects, so it is very hard to change my mind set.

With Bass' birthday coming up, I am wondering how I am going to get him a good present and still have enough  money to buy chocolate for everybody at Easter.

This week I fixed up my blog, so I have been trying to think of posts I can write, I can up with a few with some help from Mum's blog, I hope you like what I have chosen.

This week my sister after seeing my blog fixed up wanted one too, so with a bit of work The Country Rose was created. please visit and leave a comment. But don't be disappointed if she doesn't write to frequently, this is her first blog after all, and she is quite a slow typer. 

We had writing club this week. I will be writing about it at a later date. I entered a poem into a competition.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Mum & Dad can help with some paying jobs to earn a bit of loose change for chocolates.

Let's see: Cleaning cars, tiling offsider (pays well), weeding, vacuuming pool, tool tidy up ... just to name a few.


Anonymous said...

Are you able to put a hyperlink to Red Rose's blog page in your writing (see mum)