Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dune Buggy

I have not written in awhile but I keep thinking about things to write and then forgetting them five seconds later so I came on my computer to do maths but I decided I better write a post, so here I am.

It has been so long since I wrote that I have not told you about the dune buggy. We had it working after a lot of trying and testing, but then as Einstein and I were going for a fast spin around the propriety the wheel started make weird noises like a stick kept banging against it, so Einstein stopped the buggy and we got out and to our dismay we discovered that a stick with a nob on one end had been plunged down into the wheel so after a bit of hard work Einstein managed to pull it out but it was a large stick and it left a big hole, so Einstein told me to continue driving and he walked behind to keep an eye on the wheel so after a bit he said that it was going quite well and that I could go faster so I speed up and reached home soon after. I walked into the house and asked Dad if he was in a good mood and he said " what have you done now" I batted my eye lasses and said " it's alright if a stick gets plunged into a wheel isn't it?" and he said "how did you manage
that" ? so when Einstein came in and said " hey Dadddd " he said "Princess already told me".
So now we are trying to take the wheel off and put the wheel from the non working dune buggy on instead but we can't manage to get ether off. :(

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Erin said...

A good yarn, and that explains why the wheel still isn't off