Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Stories By A Princess

I have decided to share some of my creative writing stories, that I write for school.

My first one is called: The Power Of Fright

Paul was unamused, by his sister's joke. They had been in the woods playing when they heard a sound like a dump truck falling over, they had jumped nearly out of their skin, then they had crept up to the place where they had heard the noise come from. When they got there however they stared in astonishment, for laying there on the forest floor was a large, up-rooted tree. Not unusually except for the fact that this one was a young healthy looking tree, and there had been no storms of late. So what in the world had caused it to fall down? Milly had then joked that a giant grasshopper had jumped on it and knocked it over, but Paul didn't laugh, he was still trying to work out how it had fallen over. He then decided to search the area, for what, he didn't know, but he could think of nothing else to do so he started to look around, starting close to the roots and making hes way up the trunk. He saw no marks on the ground, puzzled he made his way back tho the roots and on closer inspection he saw that the roots had been sawed through so as to cut off the wide spree support it had created over it's years. But it did not look as if the cut mark were man made, in fact it almost looked as though it had been made by termites. Seconds after he had made this deduction, there was another loud crash from somewhere to their right, "come on", he shouted to his sister. They started to run in the direction of the sound. On the way he told her all he had seen and what he thought in regards to the termites. When they finally reached the next tree he had an idea and so on arrival he ran to the roots and as he suspected it looked just like the tree before. He then turned to hes sister and said, "I think some thing is scaring the termites."   

I know the ending is very vague, but I just thought that, that way you can let your imagination roam, and come to any ending you want.  

Hope you like it, I'll add more later.  

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Erin said...

I found the beginning capturing, the middle was interesting too, yes I would like to read what you thought the ending should be. Keep writing :-)