Saturday, March 8, 2014

Writing Assignment

Mum and some homeschooling friends organised a home schooling exercise, known to us as writing club, we have been doing it for about six years now.
this week we read a story called Town mouse and Country mouse, and we had to write a outline, then shorten it. Mine went like this: 

One day town mouse went to visit his cousin the country mouse. The country mouse fed his cousin all he had which was, beans, bacon, bread and cheese. Town mouse said why do you live here with this simple food when you could be living in luxury in town. So country mouse went with his cousin back to town. Town mouse took him to a dinning room where a great feast had just ended. But before they could eat any thing two dogs came in and before town mouse could stop him country mouse ran back to his quiet life in the country.

Then instead of shortening it I put it in point form:

1) Town mouse visited country mouse.

2) Town mouse did not like country life.

3) country mouse visited town mouse.

4) country mouse got scared by dogs.

5) country mouse preferred country life. 

After that we had to do one of these sentence starters:

I love the smell of ------

If I could change something about the world

If I were prime minister 

If children ruled the world

I chose to do I love the smell of but when I did it it was not long enough so I did if I were prime minister as well but it still was't long enough so I did If children ruled the world too:

I love the smell of tortilla mince it's so spicy and tomatoey it makes my mouth water and tells me whats for tea.

If I were prime minister I would make orphanages better happier places. I would stop child abuse. I would make bigger libraries.I would help people who's houses were destroyed.

If children ruled the world every thing would be in complete disorder roads would block up houses would be destroyed. Plus if children were suppose to rule don't you think God would have created children first?

I am glad I did that last one because Dad and Mum liked it alot.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Aussie Princess you have done so much work on your blog - it's looking GREAT!!! I look forward to reading more of your work!

princesswithbrains said...

Thanks Bec I fixed it up because you keep on asking me if I had writing.


Erin said...

I loved all your stories. Loved the descriptive words with the tortillas, was fascinated to read what you would do if Prime Minister and was impressed with your reasoning if children ruled the world.