Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Buckle

My favourite Poem.

The Buckle by RL Stevenson

I had a silver buckle.
I sewed it on my shoe,
And 'neath a sprig of mistletoe
I danced the evening through!

I had a bunch of cowslips,
I hid them in a grot
In case the elves should come by night
And me remember not.

I had a yellow riband
I tied it in my hair
That walking in the garden,
The birds might see it there.

I had a secret laughter,
I laughed it near the wall:
Only the ivy and the wind
May tell of it at all.


From the Shack said...

Hi Princess

I enjoyed your favourite poem. Why is it your favourite? Here is my favourite poem entitled "Buckles"

I hate buckles
I hate them a lot
They get caught in my hair
They get caught in my sock

So now I will grind them
Between two big rocks
And throw them away
Where I hope they will rot!

By Ugh & His Gal

princesswithbrains said...

Did you make that up.

From the Shack said...

Yes we did. Do you like it?