Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The fire

Thick black smoke fill the sky.
I ran to get the baby
I got him .we ran to
The van Anna maria started
The van we drove to town.
W got some fire man.
They came & put out
The fire. mum & dad
Came they saw us.
They were proud of us.
The fire was out. &
Then we had to fix
The house it was fixed.
I wonder if we will have
A another fire soon if we
Do I think some one
Else will be the hero
or I might be the hero again.
But I hope we don't have a another one soon.


Anna Maria said...

Great Story!! How were you the heroine? Did you raise the alarm?

Halt said...

Are you the hero becouse you got the baby.?

Erin said...

Yes I am the hero becouse I got the baby.