Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The chook coop

My dad built a chock coop,he made it out of palits it took about two weeks.
Finlhe it was fhnit we cared it to the chock run and when it was in plahs we
Got the chocks and put them in there new home when we put them in, some
of them went out and some of them sthad in.

we had a big chock coop
Rhiet nechst to it the big chock coop it is shtrting to full apart.
Two weeks after we built the new one we tock it down

and the nekt day we had vestes and when they came
we showd them tha we thook down the chock coop
they had chum for witeing chab and you poble have
seen my shore abet the fire I did I did it on the witheing cuib
Day that is whot we did we had to, all have the same fhret lhin.

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