Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Skirt

My mum and
I decided to
make a circle skirt.
We had to cut
it out ourselves.

It took a lot of sewing
but I learnt a lot.

Finally it was done.

I twirled around. My skirt twirled high.


Monette Emery said...

Dear Princess,

I was just reading on your blog about the skirt that you made. Very well done! Learning to sew is a wonderful thing and an important skill that will help you throughout your life. It is so nice to make something with your own hands and to look at it and know that you made it. I made a lamp shade and sewed two cushion covers in the same fabric recently. I feel proud when I look at them. They aren't perfect but I made them all by myself.
Keep up the sewing and the craft Princess.

love Aunty Monette xx

Erin said...

I am very proud of my skirt.

Anonymous said...

Well done, your twirly skirt is lovely and you are so clever to make it.