Thursday, November 20, 2008

A surprise for mother

To day I gave my mother a big surprise i was writing on my blog she said that my spelling was very good, I was so happy. I wrote 4 stories, it was lots of fun.

My brother was on his blog and he had lots of fun too. And my other brother was writing
In his book , he did 2 pages. what we Did for our school was writing, we all had
Fun. My big sister read her boos, My big brother played, My littlest brother
feed on my mothers milk, my second littlest brother walked around the house and played.

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Tim and Anne said...

The family is very important isn't it? Aren't we blessed to have a big family to love. Imagine if you grew up and went away to live and you didn't have any family around you? You would feel all alone and sad. There are lots of people in the world like that. They must really miss their family. Let's say a prayer for them shall we? 'Dear Lord, bless all the lonely people without a family to love and don't let them be sad, Amen.'

That's a great story, Princess. It reminded me when I was your age and I had lots of siblings too but only one little brother, :) His name was Michael.