Friday, October 26, 2007


Bears are big and bears are small,
Bears are everywhere and tall,
They hide, they sneak, they trick,
They crawl, they snuggle up to you when you are scared,
They tell you the dreams that you might want.


The Aussie Bush Kids said...

very nice

The Aussie Bush Kids said...

well done! excellent!

The Aussie Bush Kids said...
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The Aussie Bush Kids said...

one of the best I've ever seen

Tim and Anne said...

Somewhere in the North of the World, there are stars which make up 'The Big Dipper and The Little Dipper.' There are two bears: Ursa Major (in the Big Dipper) and Ursa Minor (in the little Dipper.)

Some Native American legends say, the bowl of the Big Dipper is a giant bear and the stars of the handle are three warriors chasing it.

The stars are low in the sky in the autumn evening sky. It is said, the hunters injured the bear, and its blood caused the trees to change colour to red.

Maybe you can ask Timba if he has ever seen these stars, cause I know he loves stars. He is always watching ours. He loves to go to the bush at night and watch the stars. Why do you think he doesn't watch them from our front porch?

Our Aussie stars don't have bears, I don't think. By the way, I love your bear pics. Marnie

The Aussie Bush Kids said...

it is grate